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LLP Registration (Limited Liabiliity Partnership)
India is acknowledged internationally as an emerging super power and its economy is growing at a faster pace with anundisputable role characterised by indian entrepreneurs as well as its technical and professional manpower. As advised by various experts in indian economy and the Government of India that entrepreneurship, knowledge and risk capital combine to provide a greater boost to India’s economic growth. Considering this scenario a need has risen for a new corporate form that would serve as an alternative to the age old partnership business, with unlimited personal liability on the one hand, and, the statute-based governance structure of the limited liability company on the other, in order to enable professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to combine, organize and operate in flexible, innovative and efficient manner.

As defined by Ministry of Corporate Affairs : Government of India, LLP or Limited Liability partnership is
"A corporate business vehicle that enables professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to combine and operate in flexible, innovative and efficient manner, providing benefits of limited liability while allowing its members the flexibility for organizing their internal structure as a partnership"

We, Signs and Marks, the professional business consultants offering services in all parts of kerala is offering LLP registration at an affordable rate. We have been offering this services for the past several years and have many satisfied customer who are sucessfully running their business under LLP registration.

Why LLP Registration

LLP registration has got its own benfits that is why it has become an abvious choice for businees owners who register their company under Limited Liability Partnership Agrement. Just like other types of company registration being offered in India Limited Liabity Partnership form of registration is also an incorporated business organisation. Limited Liabity Partnership Agreement is a body corporate is incorporating the benefits of both the partnership firm as well as a limited company. In LLP method of company registration the company management is specified / determined by LLP agreement and partners associated with the firm have the power or liberty to regulate matters of Limited Liability Partnership. In a Limited Liabiliity Partnership Agreement a minimum of 2 individuals are required to register a LLP and there is no restriction regarding maximum number of persons.

LLP Registration offers : Separate legal entity, Limited Liability to partners, Simple process of Registration, Perpetual existence irrespective of changes in partners, No requirement of audit of accounts until turnover reaches Rs.40 lakhs or Contribution Rs.25 lakhs, Less tax as compared to company, No requirement of minimum capital contribution, No restrictions as to maximum number of partners

Steps Involved in LLP Registration

STEP 1 – Apply for DPIN((Designated Partner Identification Number)
STEP 2 – Selection of Business Name and Apply for the Business Name. While selecting a business name make sure that your business name and your business activity should reflect each other and it should satisfy Limited Liability Partnership Guidelines prescribed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (GOI).
STEP 3 - Submission or Filiing of LLP Registration Documents with the concerned authority.
STEP 4 - Documentation and submission / filing of LLP agreement and Consent of Designated Partners

We offer professional assistance in getting your LLP Registration at competitive rates and in a short span of time. Contact us for more details in registering your business under LLP Agreement all over kerala and having LLP Registration Offices in Trivandrum and Cochin.
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